KND Finance

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KND Finance is a registered credit provider in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. They first opened doors in 1999 with the aim of providing financial solutions to south africans who need assistance in making ends meet.

KND finance loans services and products

Unsecured cash loans
Personal cash loans
Short-term personal loans
Cash emergencies
Quick cash online
Money loans
Debt consolidation loans
Business loans

Fax or telephonic application
Competitive interest rates
Flexible repayment rates
Affordable repayment instalments
Extension of repayment term
Repayment is between a month or two months
Remember that in order to apply for a loan you must provide the following documentation:

South african id
Proof of residence
3 months bank statement
Recent payslip
Have a south african bank account
Be employed by the same employer for 3 months or more
Be 18 years of age or above

Short term loans are great when for an immediate cash fix that you need to attend to immediately when it occurs. The great thing about a short term loan is that it is also classified as an unsecured loan which means that you do not need to put up any of your possessions as collateral so your belongings are safe when opting for an unsecured loan. A short term loan usually consists of a small to medium sum of money that is payable within a short period of time to make sure that you are not swallowed by never ending bills. Give knd finance a call today and get the cash boost that you need.knd finance north end


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